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Available by August 31st, 2019

The Magna Terra Derby Cover is a 3-D cut piece that encompasses the VCs brand of simplicity yet microscopic details. Once installed, the bike will attract that "something is different" notion. Upon closer inspection, awareness of the masterpiece is fully realized.

Part of the "Magna Terra Collection Line" and inspired by the beautiful geometry of nature - a minimalist yet highly detailed design focusing on the meticulous rather than the flashiness of the art.


  • Fully CNC machined from high quality aircraft grade aluminum billet.
  • Custom trademark Vertical Cycles design.
  • 3-D cut design
  • Part of an overall uniformed parts collection line
  • Works for all Dynas
  • Available in Gold, Polish, Black, and Red
  • Manufactured in the USA

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  • Free Shipping US

  • Guaranteed High Quality.

  • 30-Day returns

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